TMI Middle East

TMI is a leading global consulting and training organization. Our consultants and program leaders work with organizations worldwide providing innovative, customized solutions that inspire and enable high performance. 

We recognize the importance of supporting the multi-national and multi-cultural nature of global business through global representation and delivery. TMI’s global outreach, delivery and project management capability is hard to match. We operate resource centers in more than 40 countries worldwide, with over 400 trainers and consultants working in 22 languages around the world. 

Our global presence and experience means that you enjoy all the benefits of a local knowledge and expertise, while you can also draw upon our multi-cultural knowledge and global delivery resource – whenever required.

Ever since our foundation in 1975, we have directly influenced and inspired more than 6,000,000 people worldwide. We continue to have a positive impact on the lives and performance of over 250,000 individuals working in a wide range of organizations each year. 

We are passionate about making a difference!


TMI Mission

We deliver innovative, customized solutions that inspire people to release energy for a shared purpose. We align efforts, facilitate transformation, and shape the organizational culture.  We develop people to excel and organizations towards sustainable value.


TMI Focus Areas

Our primary focus is on identifying, influencing and shaping an organization’s key success factors associated with:

·      Service Essentials

·      Performance Essentials

·      Leadership Essentials

·      Branded Culture


TMI approach: the 5I’s

Together with the leadership and staff of your organization TMI helps you explore the challenges and opportunities ahead. We develop and implement customized, innovative solutions characterized by creative and flexible design, sophisticated project management and a unique philosophy and style of delivery.


This is reflected in our proven approach, which we call the ‘5I’s’.


  • Understanding purpose
  • Exploring your aspirations



  • Identifying your strengths
  • Mapping out the steps



  • Shaping attitudes
  • Building your capability



  • Maintaining focus
  • Driving your performance



  • Realizing opportunities
  • Releasing your potential


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