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Delivering medical knowledge in PRINT, ONLINE, VIDEO and LIVE.

We believe that the work we do matters at a high level because it ultimately improves human health. Touching patient lives and providing unique and personally valuable benefits is our goal.

CCM Medical Publishing & Education aims to educate, inspire and earn credibility rather than promote and, in doing so, promotes. It’s called marketing with meaning.

With so many media out there for promoting your products, it is more important than ever before to be meticulously selective; to choose only the most reputable, trusted publications that will gain maximum exposure for your products as well as your company.

In addition, we have a long-standing belief in better health through education, including doctor to doctor education; doctor to patient education and direct to patient education. That’s why many of our marketing strategies include tools to brand your products with an educational twist — tools such as dynamic, animated interactives that help the doctor to explain disease pathology and progression, and educational posters, flip charts, patient booklets, tearpads, and more that provide intrinsic value and take your marketing to a whole new level. Because the best way to bridge the gap between visits is to keep your brands front and center.

CCM Medical Publishing & Education is the place to turn to for solutions.

Each of our publications and tools has been designed to meet a specific need in the healthcare industry.  Our policy is to provide medical communities with high quality, reputable publications and educational materials that will help to enhance medical practice and encourage the exchange of information. What better way to get your products noticed and prescribed?

With each publication aimed at a specific market, you are able to tailor your advertisements taking your message straight to your target. For discerning marketers operating in today’s competitive environment, CCM Medical Publishing & Education provides the ideal vehicles for product launching, increasing awareness, branding or brand reinforcement.

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