Premium, a division of CCM, is proud to introduce our ever-expanding collection of desk accessories, high-end gift items and promotional products which can be personalized for your company, product or client. These unique products have been proven successful in bridging the gap between contacts with key customers, strengthinging both brands and the bottom line.

Premium puts the best vehicles for boosting the perfomance of your company and brands in the hands of your key customers and contacts year-round.  We partner with clients and suppliers who share our commitment to excellence to ensure that we provide the highest quality of promotional products and marketing services.

Our exentsive experience, in-depth knowledge of a vast array of products, and our relationships with the worlds foremost manufacturers make CCM uniquely qualified to offer the best marketing opportunities for your company.

Our philosophy is that Premium items should be selected on the basis of their impact. We realize that Premium items are not an end in and of themselves, but a means to increase sales for our clients.  Our Premium items are carefully selected to produce the desired results at reduced costs.

The important role of Premium items in sales promotion is widely recognized.

  • Premium items are a key part of sales promotions, which constitute the cornerstone of the overall marketing mix, and tie in closely with advertising, product performance and pricing.
  • In general, studies have shown that Premium campaigns successfully improve attitudes toward a brand as well as translating favorable attitudes into actual purchase.
  • Advertising alone does not close a sale, but promotion, especially promotion that includes Premium items, has been proven effective in boosting brand performance.
  • Premium items are distinctive, unique tools that help to build a vibrant image for the company.

We offer:

  • Competitive prices
  • Careful selection of items and novelties
  • Product lines that fit all budgets
  • Cost-effective investment
  • Reliability
  • Professional advice
  • Years of successful experience in the promotions field
  • Satisfied customers


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