Patient Education

Marketing with Meaning: Because an educated patient is a healthier patient.

It’s a fact: Doctors want to better engage with their patients, to help explain symptoms, diagnosis and treatment, but they lack both the time and the tools. In addition, patients are hungry for health information on disease and issues management and general awareness.

At CCM, we firmly believe in the power of patient education. Through education comes understanding, enlightenment and ultimately, better health.  

And brand promotion. Each of the unique educational materials we produce aims to educate, inspire and earn credibility rather than promote and, in doing so, promotes. It’s a unique type of marketing with which people actually seek to engage. We call it Marketing with Meaning.

We offer a vast library of customizable patient education materials for various levels of learning, including:

•  Patient Booklets •  Wall Charts
•  Posters •  Interactive Software
•  3-D Animations •  Videos
•  Electronic Demonstrators •  Flip Charts
•  Tear Pads •  and so much more...






Any of our PhRMA compliant products can be customized to maximize brand exposure, and translated into nearly any language to effectively reach your patient group.

When you elevate your marketing within your target audience, doctors and patients will seek to engage with your brand. Now that’s Marketing with Meaning.

To see samples of our work, click one of these links: HEALTHCARE COMMUNICATIONS  |  MEDICAL EDUCATION  |  DIAGNOSTICS & MARKET EXPANSION  |  PREMIUM

Contact CCM today to see how our proven patient education materials can help both doctors and patients to have a better brand experience.

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