Middle East Medical Index

The Middle East Medical Index (MEMI) is a CCM original publication and is the leading drug reference in the Middle East. With over 40 years of service to Middle East healthcare professionals, MEMI is published annually with unique hand delivery distribution to over 22,000 selected practitioners.

Why Choose MEMI?

  • 86% of doctors use MEMI on a regular basis (80% weekly / 50% daily)
  • Increased and on-going exposure of both products and companies
  • Distribution system guarantees that key target groups are accessed

5 Sections for Ease & Convenience
Over 5,000 product forms are listed in both English and Arabic with reference sections for ease of use

  • List of Manufacturers (Distributors)
  • Trade Name Index
  • Generic Name Index
  • Therapeutic Category Index
  • Product/Prescribing Information

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  • View MEMI with just a few clicks
  • Perform quick advanced searches
  • Browse by manufacturer, trade name, generic name, or therapeutic category

Contact us today to find out how your company can benefit!

In the UK, contact Kim Kubicek

In the Middle East, contact Hicham Cherfan

In Greece, contact Maher Cherfan or Julia Kowalski

In Turkey, contact George Cherfan

In Morocco, contact Maher Cherfan

Or visit MEMI online.