CCM Group was established in 1979 to provide an all-encompassing, one-stop shop of marketing, publishing, educational and business solutions.

We have a solid history of service excellence throughout various international markets in the USA and Europe, and emerging markets in the Middle East and Africa. Over the past three decades, we’ve:

•    created successful campaigns for the world’s top pharmaceutical products and companies;
•    published the world’s most respected medical journals in several languages in many markets;
•    provided medical education to doctors and KOLs, doctor to patient and direct to patient;
•    and helped to recruit and train top talent throughout the markets where we operate.

With global perspective and local know-how, we’re uniquely qualified to bring the perfect mix of experience and freshness to every job.

To see samples of our work, click one of these links: HEALTHCARE COMMUNICATIONS  |  MEDICAL EDUCATION  |  DIAGNOSTICS & MARKET EXPANSION  |  PREMIUM

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In the UK, contact Kim Kubicek

In the Middle East, contact Hicham Cherfan

In Greece, contact Maher Cherfan or Julia Kowalski

In Turkey, contact George Cherfan

In Morocco, contact Maher Cherfan