e-Detail Aids

Like many areas of healthcare, technology is playing a key role in accelerating information access where and when physicians want it.

The use of sophisticated, interactive delivery technologies that not only engage users, but also bring dynamic tracking and measurement capabilities is set to tip the world of communications on it's ear.

With the demands on a physician's time increasing and access decreasing, we need innovative approaches to not only capture attention, but engage once we have it.

e-Detailing has emerged as an increasingly popular means of connecting with physicians on their terms. Indeed, the vast majority of physicians feel that ePromotion by pharma companies is equal or superior to traditional face-to-face detailing.

Whether it's a self-guided, web-based detail, a physical copy on DVD or a combination of tablet or laptop presentation combined with unique access for the physician after the rep leaves, e-Detailing is here to stay.

At CCM, our take on this exciting technology focuses on value-added promotion. Our e-Detail aids are custom-developed based on need, and include a complete medical library, a full image library and a video library relating to the disease or condition. Through our Medical Publishing and Education division, we have unique access to up-to-the-minute publications, clinical trials and news that will not only help the doctor to enhance his practice, but also promote your brand in a way that's valuable to the doctor.

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