e-Learning for Medical Reps

Our state-of-the-art training for your medical reps is web-based and designed to maximize learning efficiently, because it engages the rep through audio, video, animation, text and self-examination questions.

The comprehensive modules include anatomy, physiology, disease, MOA, case studies, interview simulations, and objection handling.  The training is designed to compliment your existing programs and covers 90 modules/therapeutic categories and 600 sessions.

Our e-Learning solutions are branded to your company or product so that it looks like your own portal, showing your reps that you care about their training, knowledge and advancement.

The Benefits

It’s Reliable:

  • Advanced technology that takes little bandwidth
  • Download files quickly and then play with no interruptions while learning

It’s Flexible:

  • Reps can learn from home, office, hotel... wherever!
  • Reps can continue from where he/she last logged off. (No need to start over).
  • SCORM compatible: can be integrated into eLearning programs you may already have in place.
  • Allows the rep to go over the material as many times as needed to maximize learning.
  • Exams can be arranged in advance. Different reps will get different questions promoting honesty.
  • Exam results can be designed to suit your needs.

Option 1: Once the exam is completed, the system will deliver 'thank you' message and report results to administrator.
Option 2: The system can give the results/correct answers directly to the rep to see where mistakes were made.
Option 3: The system can allow the rep to go over the exam again.

  • It’s good for product launches: An excellent way to provide complete training and product knowledge needed to your reps across the country or continent within a short period of time.


Customized Reporting:

  • Various reports can be customized to give feedback to the administrator and manager based on needs.
  • Reporting can be also used to provide feedback on existing training the company may already have in place (SCORM compatible).

It’s cost-effective:  

  • When turnover occurs, our eLearning portals allow newly hired reps to learn information quickly and hit the ground running.
  • Significantly reduces the need for expensive training costst that include travel, meals, hotel accommodations, registration fees, and valuable time.

Contact us today to find out how your company can benefit!

In the UK, contact Kim Kubicek

In the Middle East, contact Hicham Cherfan

In Greece, contact Maher Cherfan or Julia Kowalski

In Turkey, contact George Cherfan

In Morocco, contact Maher Cherfan