Doctor to Patient Interactives

It’s been estimated that 80% of consumers prefer to receive their health information from their doctor over any other source. Doctors want to better communicate with their patients, but lack both the time and the tools.

Our state-of-the-art DVD software assists doctors in explaining disease progression and pathology to patients and caregivers. Image Assistant software has been developed with a view toward providing the medical community with a tool to search, display, edit and use medical illustrations related to their own specialty. The images can be modified, marked up, printed, attached to emails, and even included in presentations.  

Interactives help doctors to engage with their patients and colleagues in a way they never thought possible. Value-added tools such as relevant and up-to-date lab values related to the indication, a patient database, and embedded animations and videos make our interactives the go-to tool for doctor to patient communication.

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