Medical Portals

Healthcare providers rely on high-quality Continuing Medical Education (CME) for licensure maintenance, to help them translate knowledge into practice, and/or to keep up–to-date on the ever-increasing body of knowledge in their field including new requirements, treatments, and procedures.

Pharmaceutical industry support for CME provides value to both healthcare providers and business leaders when used to support independent education programs, promote quality CME programs, and drive improvements in healthcare provision.

Because of our solid partnerships with some of the world’s most respected and prestigious medical associations and societies, we are able to offer customized CME programs, branded or unbranded, in several languages and supported by the pharmaceutical industry for CME credit where available.

Benefits include:

  • Improved adherence to clinical practice guidelines and patient adherence, which could improve product efficacy and use
  • Promotes a greater understanding of new innovations which can speed their adoption and use in the field
  • Increased disease detection and diagnosis rates, which can expand potential markets
  • Addresses local barriers to adoption which can increase product efficacy and use

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