Clinical Publishing

Clinical Publishing is a leader in publishing medical books operating out of Oxford in the UK. These internationally authored publications in clinical medicine meet the requirements of specialists, trainees and doctors in primary care worldwide.

CCM is pleased to work closely with Clinical Publishing.

Clinical Publishing Book Series includes:

  • Atlas of Investigation and Management / Diagnosis
  • Problem Solving
  • Therapeutic Strategies

Available for Electronic Delivery:
e–books: Ease of access and speed of response assist integration of new ideas into clinical practice


Online/CD-ROM: All Clinical Publishing color atlases are now available on CD-ROM or for on-line delivery, featuring full search capabilities and downloadable images in PDF and PowerPoint format.

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In the UK, contact Kim Kubicek

In the Middle East, contact Hicham Cherfan

In Greece, contact Maher Cherfan or Julia Kowalski

In Turkey, contact George Cherfan

In Morocco, contact Maher Cherfan