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As clients' needs have become more complex and specialized, thus widening the gap between HR needs and work force capabilities, we have proudly worked hand in hand to provide a variety of HR and Training Consulting services to assist companies in achieving more.

CCM Consultancy offers an integrated end-to-end solution to your human resource and people development needs.  With executive search services, employee assessment programs, training & development and business consultancy, we ensure our clients’ abilities to not just cope with the impacts of globalization but rather prosper through them.

Our Culture

“People may not remember exactly what you did or what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel” – Tony Hsieh, CEO of

Our culture is based on our clients’ experiences and the unwavering desire to ensure an experience second to none.  Whether making a new contact or building on existing relationships, it’s about growing as a family.  It’s about teamwork, internally and externally.   It’s about transparency and openness.  It’s about a strong belief in that doing right by people always pays off and paves the foundation to great success.



Our focus is on the service that we can provide our clients, and not on the short-term gains. To that end, our 5 core values have become the golden rules of our business and our dealings with clients, colleagues and partners.  

Clients Come First – We shall never forget who we look after and who looks after us, our clients shall always come first.

Inspire – We shall endeavor to inspire all those around us, clients, colleagues, family and friends. 

Make a Difference – We shall set out to make a difference in people and organization’s lives. 

Strive for Greatness – we shall always aim to be better versions of our best selves, never settle and never accept mediocrity.

Humility – We shall always be thankful for what we have and give back whenever and wherever we can.  Be humble in the presence of others and learn from those that have walked the path before us.


Our Services

TMI Middle East - a leading global consulting and training organization, primarily focusing on identifying, influencing and shaping an organization’s key success factors associated with Service Essentials, Performance Essentials, Leadership Essentials and Branded Culture.

TACK Middle East – a global leader in delivering skills development and training programs that focus on Sales & Sales Management,Leadership and Personal Development.  Our primary role is to help you and your people become even better at what you do. 

Leadership Deep Dive—Dubai – In association with Case Western Reserve’s Weatherhead School of Management, we have launched the most unique and ambitious leadership program to be offered in MENA.  The most renowned authorities in Emotional Intelligence and Executive Leadership training will be in Dubai to deliver a high impact, high energy program that spans 3, three-day sessions.  LDD–Dubai is aimed at senior executives from all industries looking to enhance their leadership abilities, invoke a more emotionally intelligent approach to dealing with their people and tap into new skills. Under the leadership of Dr. Richard Boyatzis and Dr. David Cooperrider, both faculty members of Weatherhead and authorities on leadership development, the program will take delegates on a journey of discovery and advancement.

SpeakerSeries –Launching shortly in the Middle East, SpeakerSeries will bring to the region some of the brightest and best minds in Executive Coaching, Emotional Intelligence and Organization Development.  From one-day speaking engagements to multiple coaching sessions, this comprehensive offering will provide a unique approach to personal development.