Alerts are a CCM original publication.

The editors and medical advisors at CCM have access, often exclusive, to comprehensive international literature sources. We compile and extract information for each specialized edition of Alerts in order to present the most current, interesting and cutting-edge articles, and to position Alerts as a respected, useful tool for physicians in everyday practice.

Alerts newsletters are owned exclusively by CCM Group, and the information published is obtained through our partnerships with leading medical societies in the UK and the USA. Other sources of information include highly-accredited international institutions such as the World Health Organization, EMEA, American College of Physicians, and more.

Alerts are independent of any pharmaceutical company opinion or influence, but rather reflect information and data from several well-established, peer-reviewed journals. They reflect our latest innovative approach to providing the best medical knowledge to doctors around the world.

With Alerts, you will receive:

  • High visibility, high readership, high exposure
  • Exclusive hand-delivery by your sales team to key physicians
  • Exclusive advertising opportunities
  • Increased brand exposure
  • Support for your sales team, bridging the gap between visits to your target group
  • Strengthened relationships with your doctors
  • Increased awareness for your brand
  • Increased sales and market share

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